Monday, 8 June 2015

Funny Cats, Lucky Maze

Wishing maze of birthday cake candle
Yanito Freminoshi WISHING MAZE of a birthday cake cande, ready to be blown out. Solve the maze and make a wish | SOLUTION HERE

if the cat fits, meme it
More Funny Cats Here
very funny cat scared of dogFed up with making your cat exercise? Well just turn on the running machine aka treadmill,it's hilarious to see. A cat is a clever animal with great senses and of course his nine lives but he will never figure out how to get off the treadmill. It just keeps going and going, the rubber mat of the belt that is in continuous motion provides great friction for the cat and keeps him glued to the machine where he just walks and walks and walks. Some would say that it is cruel to keep a cat on the running machine for so long but why not? Of course if the cat seems tired then with just one button the running machine will stop but it slows down first giving the cat a chance to slow his pace and prepare to stop. It is quite a site to see, the cat on a treadmill and many cat owners have started using the treadmills to make their cats exercise but of course the cat must not overdo it because you don’t want a collapsed cat on a treadmill. And for extra fun you can go on the treadmill with your cat at the same time providing company and entertainment all round.
i can haz good luck cat meme

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