Sunday, 15 March 2015

Free Maze of the Rising Sun

Maze of the Rising Sun
Rising Sun Maze art by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLVED HERE

Astrology for Online Casino Games?

Astrology [ smpl743JP ] isn't for everyone but the fact is that astrology plays an important role in almost every culture on earth. African tribes, European royalty and even Asian gurus consult their horoscopes to find auspicious times to engage in specific activities. One of the most unusual astrological traditions involves Indian astrology [ smpl743JP ] in which the movements of the 12 zodiac signs are tracked along with the nine planets and the location of first house (the Ascendant) as it relates to the eastern horizon. These factors help determine which online casino games you should play, at which date and time you should play and whether you should play multiple games for low stakes or few games for big stakes to achieve maximum luck. According to traditional Hindu astrology [ smpl743JP ] you will need to look at the date and time of your birth, the position of the House in relation to the stars and your good deeds from your previous life to determine whether you are in the house of luck or the house of gains. The position and movement of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are also very important when you're determining your horoscope for your online casino games. Selecting the most auspicious day and time to play casino games is especially important to ipad casino gamers. The ipad is portable so you can take out your ipad tablet and play at any time and from any location via the tablet's WiFi or cellular connectivity. Regardless of whether you're walking the dog, waiting for a bus, taking a break at work or relaxing on your back porch swing after a long day at work you can pull out your ipad tablet and start playing casino games at whichever hour of whichever day your horoscope tells you is your most favorable time. If you're following Hindu astrology you'll want to divide your life span of 120 years by the 9 planets, starting with the sun, the moon, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Ketu and Rahu and play your online casino games according to the time that the ruling planets for that day are featured in the indicated houses. Additional factors that should be taken into account include both positive and negative astrological signs which can give you guidance on the types of bets to make or whether to play a game that is largely reliant on luck, a game that is dependent on payer skill or a game that combines the two elements.

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