Sunday, 9 November 2014

Microscope Maze Puzzlillusion and Spot The Differences

online slots game microscope symbol for a VIP maze
Maze from Dr Watts Up Online Slots game at a VIP Casino |  SOLUTIONS HERE
The All Slots VIP Program is open to select All Slots gamers by invitation only to ensure that they enjoy a gaming adventure of heightened excitement and more prizes. When a player receives an invitation to the VIP Casino he'll experience a unique gambling forum where he can play his favourite casino games for regular payouts and additional special prizes. The VIP program offers premium deposit and withdrawal privileges, luxury gifts, promotional events, vacation packages and more, all available exclusively to VIP gamers at the Download Casino or on mobile at the mobile casino. There are 3 VIP Program levels so, via his invitation, the individual will enter at the level which is applicable to his previous gaming activities. The Gold Level is the starting level for VIP players who have accrued 2000 points or more. Once the player builds up 8000 points he can enter the Platinum level. When he hits 50,000 points he'll become a Diamond Level gamer.

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